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Between performers, between audience and performer, between a performer and objects … We’re interested in all of those, yes, but in this work we are interested above all in what might be called the romantic relationship – the kind we’re in with one another. In the moment when dinner for two turns into a stomach-knotted rollercoaster of wanting, needing, lusting.

I loved exchanging a stolen look with the person sitting opposite me, a slightly cheeky personal interaction valuable when your family might live on the other side of the world.

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From putting the fun into dating, we cover hopes and failed relationships, socio-political commentary and an (optional) interactive dance: this piece may just make you fall for the person sat next to you! It lets the audience share their hopes – declare their love if need be – and expel the bile-ridden past. Research (PAIR Project, University of Texas) suggests we make our relationships through wanting them – compatibility doesn’t exist, just willingness to try – so we’ve a good chance of creating true love.

A piece about love and sex, one night stands and soul mates it foregrounds the human relationships as vital to all that we call life.

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