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Once or twice we held each other closely, striding about with our breasts pressed together in an exaggerated pseudo-tango. When the music finally stopped after a long set, the boys cheered and whistled wildly: only then did we realise what a performance we had given.

Her parents had even given her a red sports car for her birthday, despite the fact she was unable to drive it alone until she gained her licence several months later.I was lying on our lounge, watching an old Candida Royalle video, wearing just my silkiest wrap, deliberately keeping my first orgasm at bay although occasionally I couldn't resist squeezing my thighs together around my hands as the juicy heat of the romantic coupling on the screen intensified. I assured her this would be completely fine, confirmed the address and date and then she said she had to go – but was looking forward to a long reunion chat. I hadn't even thought of Sheana for ages, but her voice brought so many memories back, image after image wrestling for prominence in my mind, a weird hazy collage of girls having fun, drinking, laughing, touching, being touched. My fingers slipped down once more to where I enjoyed them most; the action on the screen ignored as I focussed on recalling every delightful detail.I had barely replaced the phone when it rang again and this time it was David, as expected, in position and with oiled cock in hand. *** It must have begun with being sent to a new school.Her pampered appearance, her confident manner, her ease in conversation with students and adults alike - everything about her indicated familiarity with power and wealth.Kimberly and I shared classes but exchanged very few words, mainly because she struck me as an outrageously spoiled snob - after learning of my schooling background, she seemed totally uninterested in allowing me access to her established circles.

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