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Unki achhi salary package hai aur unka flat delhi me hai.

In these early accounts, Robin Hood's partisanship of the lower classes, his Marianism and associated special regard for women, his outstanding skill as an archer, his anti-clericalism, and his particular animosity towards the Sheriff of Nottingham are already clear.

Little John, Much the Miller's Son and Will Scarlet (as Will 'Scarlok' or 'Scathelocke') all appear, although not yet Maid Marian or Friar Tuck.

It is not certain what should be made of these latter two absences as it is known that Friar Tuck, for one, has been part of the legend since at least the later 15th century where he is mentioned in a Robin Hood play script.

They never take up the job of protecting the country – there is no baniya regiment in the Army.

They are part of the ruling class – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are baniyas – and they are backed by business tycoons like the Ambanis and Adanis.

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    Yulsman has written one book: Origins: the Quest for Our Cosmic Roots, published by the Institute of Physics in 2003.

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