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Or, if you have an i Phone, download the free Patch app.) Legault was arraigned on multiple federal charges, including using the internet to entice a child for sexual activity and enticing the 13-year-old to engage in sexually explicit conduct over the internet, according to Georgia U. Federal authorities said that in July, Legault began communicating online with a 13-year-old girl he met on Omegle, a free online and anonymous text and video messaging app.After a while, Legault got the girl to switch communications to another site, where he allegedly petitioned the teen to perform sexual acts on live video-stream for him.This means your case may be hurt with issues like alimony, which is calculated partly based on the length of your relationship as recognized by the court.As a result, spousal support for opposite sex couples may result in higher financial awards than with same-sex couples for a while.Despite the law, many cultural biases still exist when Georgia courts are analyzing who gets assets, property, alimony, and child support.Depending on where you live, courts may struggle to decide who gets what between two men or they may have a bias toward a biological mother in a lesbian couple.For a non-married couple with no domestic partnership agreement, handling a separation can be very difficult.Prior to the 2015 federal ruling upholding same sex marriage rights in the 50 states, a domestic partnership was often the best way for those in a same sex relationship to obtain similar protections available by law to married couples.

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Legault, 53, of Ontario, Canada, was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday, Horn said.

(SIGN UP: Get Patch's Daily Newsletter and Real Time News Alerts. "The FBI successfully intercepted Legault after he flew into the United States and before he could carry out his plan," Horn said in a news release.

Your attorney will carefully guide you through your case and consider how judges and courts may view each same-sex spouse in your situation.

With kids involved, a judge or court not experienced with same-sex divorce cases may make irrational decisions based on cultural bias rather than remaining objective.

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