Paulina rubio dating history

Latin superstar Paulina Rubio was in the spotlight last year when she divorced Nicolas Vallejo after almost five years of marriage.

They were married in April 2007 but it was just last year that the crisis status of the couple’s relationship began surfacing and, by November 2012, they started living apart, just a year after they became first-time parents to their son Andrea Nicolas. Paulina Rubio’s divorce meant a lot of money to her but, in this case, she wasn’t the one receiving alimony but the one paying it!

Despite this “happy ending,” Rubio had to confront a new economic drama as she was sued by her own lawyers.

As the media published, the singer’s lawyers report that they are still waiting for their fees for services provided so they have filed a lawsuit against the artist.

That means he's single right in time for his hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve this year.

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Overall, she remains a huge pop music mega star and she knows how to return to a steady presence in her field and brilliant personal future.

The couple mutually bashed each other in family court to the point that the judge ordered therapy for the former couple and dictated that they would return upon completion.

It was also said that Paulina Rubio supposedly hired a private investigator to follow Vallejo and have testimony of his negligence as a father but, thank goodness, all that passed and they were rewarded with their freedom and a divorce settlement.

He said, "I'm not going to be there having a cocktail and making out." They dated from 2003-2005.

Amid ongoing rumors that Seacrest is gay, Wall refuted the claims, saying, "[Ryan Seacrest] is not gay, nor is he bisexual.

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