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Under the international customary law, the decision as to whether or not to issue a visa to a foreign national is determined to be a sovereign act of each country.

Japanese consuls carry out the administration related to visas based on the Act for Establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Article 4 Item 13, Article 7 Item 1, and Article 10 Item 2 and Item 3).

Describe in a statement to the effect that you have cancelled the invitation and send it by Fax or mail together with the personal identification information of the visa applicant, to the Embassy / Consulate General that issues the visa or the Foreign Nationals' Affairs Division, Consular Affairs Bureau, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, tell the visa applicant to bring his/her passport to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General that issued the visa for cancellation of it.

Therefore, in the visa examination process, we do not examine the applicability of status of residence, but some other points such as the verification of the applicant's identity and the validity of his/ her passport.

If it is found that the application does not meet the criteria of visa issuance in the process of examination, or it is determined that the Certificate of Eligibility was issued based on mistaken or fraudulent information, a visa will not be issued.

Sometimes additional information will be required for the examination process, and sometimes you will be asked in the process to submit extra documents in addition to the documents indicated as the necessary documents.

We cannot make a decision about whether to issue or reject the visa application until the necessary examination has been completed.

We process the applications fairly in the order in which we received them.

We do not give you the specific reason of the rejection because if we do so, the information would eventually become known to the public.

Once that happened, there is a danger that some people might misappropriate such information to get around the visa examination process and try to enter Japan for illegal purposes.

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