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"The way we view our long-term sports fan experience is, you'd never have to carry a wallet again."To use the biometric system, you must register your fingerprints, which is free.

Over the previous decade the City has turned into the biggest and quickest developing nearby government zone in all of NSW.

To reassure customers who are concerned about privacy, the company said it does not sell or release biometric data to other groups.

Flyers who are already registered with Clear at airports — a -a-month service — do not need to register a second time to get into sports arenas, the company said."Everyone wants to enhance the game-day experience and make it easier, more enjoyable to come to the park," O'Brien said.

Each weekday 1.2 million individuals live, work, study, shop, visit and tour in the neighborhood.

About 22,000 distinct organizations utilize more than 437,000 individuals.

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